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ASUS DSBF-D RAM compatibility?


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I am preparing to quote a system out using the ASUS DSBF-D motherboard.


I have two questions: 1. What is the highest quality Corsair RAM that will fit the board (looking to put in at least 2GB, possibly 4GB).


My second question is one that has been bugging me a lot over the past half year or so, and I'd love to get it clarified if I could: With motherboards marketting 1066 bus speeds, aren't we looking at bottlenecks if the supported RAM on said motherboards is only 677 or 800? I'm afraid that I've gotten confused over the years. I had been taught back in the 1980s that the processor took the brunt of the data, any spill-over went to the cache (if any), then spilled across the bus and into the RAM - meaning that we had to make sure that the RAM was at least as fast as the BUS if we wanted to optimize our systems. Has something changed, or was I simply taught wrong? OR - are the motherboard manufacturer's simply playing marketing games with us now by selling "1066" bus speed boards but bottlenecking us down to 677 for total system speed due to the slower RAM speeds?


Any additional info provided would be greatly appreciated. I'm seriously confused by the motherboards being released at the current time when compared to what I had been taught.




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