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Dominator Died - Need RMA


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Hi guys,


I am looking for detailed timing specs for the Dominator 6400C3DF I just got in. Particularly DRAM Write Recovery which I am defaulting to 4 right now. I've looked around but I can't seem to find this information, and the PDF isn't very specific.


It lists 3-4-3-9 which I can only assume means CAS, RAS, Ras-Cas and Precache timings, though other companies and people list these timings in different orders sometimes so I can never be sure. Anyway, it seems stable at that once I get to 2.4v.


While I'm here, 2.4v is scary. That's the maximum setting on my P5WDG2-WS Pro but heck, it's perfectly Prime stable like that and they've been running cool so whatever works!


Does the lifetime warranty really cover running these modules at 2.4v? It seems that this would really reduce the lifespan of the RAM even with the extra cooling. But hey, I'm all for killing RAM with voltage!


Seriously good modules though. My only regret is not being able to afford the 8888 :D


It would be nice to find detailed specs more easily on Corsair's website.

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Each model of RAM has the SPD included. When set to Auto, based on the CAS, TRCD, TRP, TCL and frequency the bios/motherboard will calculate the correct settings. That is why some motherboards have updated bios for memory compatibility. The manufacturer is either setting the timings too loose or too tight for the motherboard/memory combination. So the only timings you should need to adjust is the TCL, TRCD< TRP and TRAS.
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Motherboard make and model: Asus M2N32-SLI Premium/Deluxe

Each pair is tested and packaged together using the following settings:

AI Over Clock Tuner: Manual

CPU External Frequency: Manually set to 200MHz

DDR2 SDRAM Clock: Manually set to 800MHz

PCI Express Freq: Auto

PCI Freq: 33.33

Performance Mode: Standard

DRAM Timing Selectable: Manual

SDRAM CAS Latency: 3T

SDRAM RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 4T

SDRAM Row Precharge (tRP): 3T

SDRAM Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 9T

SDRAM Write Recovery Time: 5

Command Rate: 2T

DDR2 SDRAM Voltage: 2.4 V

CPU Core Voltage: Auto

FSB Termination V: 1.50 V

MCH Chipset V: 1.65V

ICH Chipset V: 1.20V

All other settings are motherboard defaults.

Maximum DDR2 recommended VDIMM: 2.4 Volts Dominator Version Only!

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Was it too good to be true?


All of the sudden, I loose stability. Haven't pushed my RAM over specs yet. Just 800mhz at the timings I paid for. It used to run Prime95/Orthos solid for hours and hours. Now it fails the Blend test in under 10 seconds. I dropped everything in BIOS down to slow speeds. Even cleared CMOS a couple times. Nothing, the machine just isnt stable any more.


So on to my Memtest86 boot cd. Sure enough, LOADED with errors. I still have the ram sitting at 2.4v even though my timings are seriously relaxed.


Pulled one stick out, suddenly Memtest is great. That's extremely depressing. I have to keep testing Stick A here with Memtest but I think it's passing. Then Ill start testing Stick B just to make sure it's bad but... I think it could have died on me. It never even really got that hot.


Any other advice on testing this thing for deadness? I hope this isnt going to be a 4 week procedure with newegg :P

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I purchased this recently from NewEgg so Im not sure where to get an RMA from yet. One of my sticks is testing bad. The other checks out. Tested at relaxed and rated specs. Prime95 fails instantly during Blend test, Memtest fails almost instantly as well on the bad stick.


Bad stick info:










Tried the tsxpress link Ive found elsewhere but its coming up as a dead page for me right now.

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  • Corsair Employees
You posted all this over the weekend and some of the posts were dont at 2-3 AM in the morning, I am sorry but the web being down was probably due to maintainence and our hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday excluding Holidays. It will take 24-48 hours to get a reply excluding weekends and Holidays. If not please call them at 888-222-4346 Ext "0" or 510-657-8747 Ext "0". Please give them some time to process your request.
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2-3am? It was 6-7pm EST. I didn't expect to get an answer on the weekend but I was hoping to get the RMA number today. But I understand these things take time.


But also please understand that I payed a significant premium for this Corsair RAM. I've been fairly loyal to Corsair for 7-8 years now. Although I understand that sometimes failures happen, I also purchased a premium Corsair product and expect premium customer service for an item which I purchased nearly DOA. And while I paid extra for next day shipping from Newegg, I'm now looking at a two week replacement process.


The fact that there are a lot of failures being reported for the non dominator version of this 6400 doesn't give me a lot of confidence either. I just hope that this RMA process, which shouldn't be necessary, goes smoothly and that I can continue to trust Corsair in the future.

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  • Corsair Employees

The Time I am sorry was at 2-3 PM yesterday, not AM in the morning my mistake, but it was Sunday and I am sorry we were not open.

What is a lot? I have to mention to you is this a forum where people come to get help with their system and this part is a high volume part in excess of 10K per week, so how many people do you see here with questions. In comparison to the Volume we sell it's a small percentage. Second most of the users who have problems, just need help with the settings and the majority or users are up and running once the correct settings are set. Third thing, You request will be processed ASAP Mondays a bit more busy that other days because of the weekend and it takes 24-48 Hours to get the RMA processed, If you don’t here from them by Wednesday Morning I would suggest calling them at 888-222-4346 Ext "0" and I am sure they will get you taken care of rinky tink!

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True, I don't know the rate of failure for these products irregardless of how many reports I can find online. That's certainly not a good measurement.


But I have to wonder if a product running at 2.4v has a higher rate of failure versus those running at lower voltages. I can only assume that these chips are batched for tolerance somehow. Electron migration is probably going to take place at higher voltage irregardless of the cooling devices attached. But you offer a lifetime warranty which sort of counter balances that.


But I still can't help but wonder what the life expectancy is on these modules. There are a lot of members on my own forums asking about what RAM they should get and I don't want to steer them wrong. Perhaps these questions have been answered elsewhere here.


I just want to know I made the right purchase, thats all.

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  • Corsair Employees

I do understand and its hard to say an accurate answer for you except to tell you this.

We have an average of less than 2% return rate, and we test all of the modules that come back for specific failures. Or failures that might be avoidable, so if the rate of return on any part goes up with a week the results will show this and that part would recieve more scrutiney.


For the record our modules have a lifetime warranty as long as you dont over volt them should they ever fail we will replace them. And all of the parts rated at 2.4 Volts should come with a FAN, so please make sure you have the Fan in place.

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I found the regulator & mosfet responsible for the Vmem and if anything it seems a little low on this board (though I have not tried it at the 2.4v setting since I have cheapo RAM in). So I don't think it was being over volted. I have a 1500VA power conditioning UPS on this machine and a OCZ Modstream 520w so Im not sure it was any sort of voltage spike either.


Anyway, no RMA number yet, just an RMA request received email. Called in, but she didn't provide one over the phone, just said she might be able to get me one by the end of the day. Which means I can get it shipped out tommarow I hope.

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