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Dual-Channel Question


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Hey guys, i don't know a whole lot about dual-channel memory and how it works, but i have a question, and i need some advice, so hopefully someone can help.


Currently i'm running an older athlon system (a64 3200+) on an Asus K8V Deluxe mobo. Its got 1gb xms twinx 3200pro memory running in dual channel. but its time for an upgrade, and i'm not sure what to do. The motherboard only has 3 slots for memory, so adding another dual channel kit is sort of out, but i was wondering - for an older system, is it worth spending money to replace the existing memory with a 2gb kit, or am i better off just adding a 1gb stick of el-cheapo ram to pick up the pace. going the proper way is going to cost me about $300CDN and going with the cheap stuff will run me about half that. Is the extra money worth it - considering the system's age?


any suggestions are helpful - i just need to milk a bit more speed out of this old thing, before i can build my new rig.. probably not gonna happen for another year or so.

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