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CPU-Z and 4x XMS2-8500


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I've recently decided to purchase additional RAM for my workstation PC and ended up with 4 CM2X1024-8500C5D sticks. Everything seemed to work well and fine but I've noticed something when running some diagnostic tools on my hardware that CPU-Z was reporting the RAM as being PC2-6400(400 MHz). Well for a better story here are the screencaps of CPU-Z and NVidia monitor.






As you can see from the screencaps the voltage for the RAM is set to 2.2V and I can assure you that the motherboard settings are also set for 1:1 ratio. I was wondering if this is normal behavior for these sticks when there are 4 of them or have missed a setting somewhere? If this is normal sorry for the bother and I am hoping for a quick reply!

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The MB is an EVGA NVidia 680i, so this is normal for this RAM with 4 of these sticks then? I am not very savvy with the hardware end of things and when I saw the NVMonitor report a different value than CPU-Z it had me a little suspicious as to the cause.
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