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HP Laptop memory issues!


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My brother has an HP Pavillion ZE4805US. As purchased it had 256MB of RAM.



Opening it up I find it has a 256MB PC2700 SODIMM. Easy enough, I order a Corsair Value Select 512MB PC2700 which arrives, install it and nothing. Not seen at all.


I change slots, still nothing. I let it be the only chip, nothing.


I research at HP, their spec calls for the unit to use PC2100 SODIMMs.


Okay, I'm stumped now, it's running a 256MB PC2700, why won't it use 512? Typically the faster memory should be fine in the slower unit correct?




Should I return it and get a PC2100, but then will it cause the existing 256MB to hiccup?


HELP! :confused:

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I would check with HP and see if there is a newer Bios version to try it if there is another yes I am sorry you will need to use PC-2100 Memory, or if possible to make sure its not a bad module can you test it in another system?
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