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HX520 Clicking Sound


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I currently live in Hong Kong (for work), where they _just_ started selling the Corsair HX series at a pretty high price. Coincidentally, I was on a business trip back to US and had enough time to order one from newegg and take it back to Asia with me. The input voltage is 100-240v, so I assumed it would be ok for me to use it here, as long as I have the right type of plug.


However, after assembling all the parts together and turning the machine on for the first time, I heard a faint clicking/buzzing noise coming from the PSU.


I made sure that the sound did not come from either of the fans I had inside the case, then took the PSU outside of the case and turned it on again - same noise coming from the PSU. Then I stopped the fan to see if the noise would go away, and it didn't. It seems like the buzzing/clicking sound comes from the area right next to where the power cord goes in.


edit: upon closer examination, it would also seem like the fan was not spinning fast enough...i have also tried connecting this unit to a different outlet, and i get the same results.


I am assuming this is not normal, seeing as how others had similar problems (buzzing noise, etc). If I were to get an RMA for this, would I have to ship the unit back to the US office or can I contact an authorized agent in Hong Kong?


Any help would be appreciated =)




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hm, i just got my replacement unit today - but it's still making that buzzing sound. i will try to get a recording of some sort, and upload/post it. the noise is definitely not coming from the fan, as the noise persists after stopping the fan but keeping the PSU running.




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this is an mp3 recording of the buzzing/clicking noise:




this is with the power supply running outside the case, with only the 24-pin and the 4-pin connected.


After listening to that, it sounds like you have a very low load on the unit. What type of hardware do you have the power supply running? At a low load, some units have a slight clicking noise from an internal component that disappears when more load is placed on the supply, but this is not 100% of the units.


To test this, can you install the PSU into your computer and run 3DMark06 (or something very system-intensive that will stress the video card and CPU) in a loop for a while, then see if the PSU is still making the noise?


Also, I'm not too familiar with power outlets in Hong Kong, do you know what voltage they run?

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Thanks, powerguy. I will try with a higher load when I have a chance, as the recording was made when it was connected to MB only.


The voltage in HK is 220V.




with my very first hx520, the noise was present when connected to MB, 1 SATA hdd and 1 IDE optical drive. when i received my new unit, the noise was present when connected to MB only. so here is what i did -


a) connected 1 SATA hdd + 1 IDE optical --> same amount of clicking noise when booting up

b) connected 2 SATA hdd + 1 IDE optical --> clicking when booting up, less frequent (longer between clicks) after typical short beep from mobo

c) connected 2 SATA hdd + 2 IDE optical --> clicking when first booting up, no clicking after short beep from mobo


so i guess i wasn't drawing enough load from it after all. i suppose my new setup, which consists of 4 SATA devices (3 hdd + 1 optical), 1 graphics card (6-pin required), 1 internal card reader and 3 fans will be okay...i will try that when i get home.


thanks a lot, powerguy =)


- bernard

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