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Toshiba Satellite 5105-s607 Mem Upgrade Issues


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Just as an FYI, I recently purchased 2 512m SO-DIMM'S (VS512SD266) to upgrade my laptop from 512 meg to 1 gig system memory. The first pair from Fry's did not allow the system to boot.


Drive 20 miles to the Sunnyvale Fry's to get replacements (they were out in Palo Alto)


Install new ram, system will not fully boot...just gets to POST and stops. Ah progress.


Went to the Toshiba web site and found a firmware update called "Toshiba Notebook PC DMI Update Utility" I would put the link in here, but its a very long one. Just go to the Toshiba site and do a search on your model number and see if there is anything related to DMI or memory.


Once I created that boot CD and updated the system, memory now works just fine...


What a pain, and NO ONE had an answer anywhere...


Hope this helps someone...





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