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CMX512-3200XLPRO causing problems


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I have a Asus A8V deluxe motherboard, 1 gig of Twin CMX512-3200XLPRO! My friend who recently built another computer gave me his old RAM which is the same exact RAM and he told me he never overclocked it! I put in the new RAM and for a few days the 2 gigs worked flawlessly, but then I started noticing my computer would start freezing.


At first, it would just happen every other day or so just once when I'm playing games! It would just freeze and I cant do anything. I can't even CTRL + ALT + DEL! I would have to manually shut my computer off and restart. Eventually my computer would freeze more frequently until it got to a point where I barely get into windows and it would freeze on me!


So I took out those RAM sticks my friend gave me and the problem never happened again. The difference I see in his ram is that its XMS3208v1.2 while my old ones are v1.1 but they are they exact same model. Dont know if his RAM is bad and needs to be replaced or if different versions are causing this??? Please help!!!!


Also, dont know if this matters but I never updated my bios and never overclocked my RAM or CPU, all default settings. I also have an ANTEC 500 watt power supply!

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With this MB when you add 4 modules you may have to set the memory frequency at DDR333 and for sure you will have to relax the timings I would try the with the Voltage set to 2.8 Volts at DDR333 at Cas 2.5-3-3-7 and see if the system is more stable and then tweak the timings from there for best performance but test with http://www.memtest.org.
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