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Abit AW9D-MAX and TWIN2X1024-C5400C4PRO


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I get the following message when I boot my machine during POST :

"DRAM frequency has been downgraded to 272/272 ,cause 50 Ohm ODT unsupported". It appears that the ram is running at 533Mhz, instead of 667Mhz. I've searched all the FAQ's, search engines, etc and have found some items to try, but they do not seem to work for me. I used both SPD and manually setting the memory timings in the bios using 4-4-4-12 and voltage is set to 1.9. This doesn't make a difference..there is also a place to change the cpu:dram ratio which I have also tried using the recommended settings of 4:5 (DDR2-667), This gets rid of the POST error, but the system reboots just minutes after entering windows. One thread that I've researched stated that the SPD timing of the memory was the culprit and that it needed to be re-flashed / updated with corrected timings so that the cpu ratio could use 1:1 at 667 instead of 533. I am at a loss as to what to do. I've ran memtest and get no errors. Is this a SPD issue? Is something like this covered under corsair's warranty? I really don't think it's a motherboard problem, as I have some DDR2 / 533 modules that work fine. But can these modules be sent in for any type of replacement / updates? or do I need to scrap these on ebay and buy new memory? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

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