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Missing PCI-E connectors on HX620


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Hello , I just purchased a new HX620 and when I unpacked it ,it was missing both pci-e connectors , I tried your customer service number and just got bounced around to a bunch of different exts. and left my name and number and still havent received a call back .


I want to know if these connectors can be sent to me without having to rma the unit ,Im not really a big fan of paying shipping to rma a product that I received that was incomplete . Ive contacted my vendor and they suggested I try corsair direct since I will have to eat the charge for return shipping to replace the product for RMA from them and I can`t see why I`d have to pay return shipping for a product that I received without all the components in the first place


Just an update for anyone that was following this thread: I just got off the phone with tech support and they are going to send me the cables without me having to RMA the unit , I just want to thank tech support for the way they handled this situation and saving me the headache of having to send everything back and wait

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