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This is my memory type that I bought: CM2X1024-5400C4


I posted in an earlier post, here: http://forum.pcmech.com/showthread.php?p=1206536#post1206536 about an issue I was having. (My computer was being very slow to boot up, but only on cold boots. I eventually found out the problem. One of my Corsair 1 GB Twin2x 667 MHz chips was defective somehow.


Now I am trying to figure out what caused this. When I try to boot up the computer using only the stick that is defective, it will not boot at all. The motherboard does not beep, and nothing gets displayed on my monitor at all. When I swap out the "bad" ram stick for the other one, everything works fine and the computer boots up fast.


This is the weird part; when I put both sticks in and boot up the computer, it eventually loads Windows (abit slowly as mentioned in my other post, link above). Also when I have both chips in, Windows XP thinks that there is 2 GB of ram installed. I don't know what could be causing one of the chips to stop the computer from booting, but seems to work when it is installed with another ram chip of the same type.


I was going to run some RAM diagnostics to figure out what might be wrong, but I don't know of any good ones, but anyway I tried a few which I google searched, and they all just gave me a confusing MSDOS screen, and were rather outdated, sometimes requiring a floppy drive. (btw I do have a floppy drive in another computer which I COULD move over, but that would be alot of work)


Basically the question is I am wondering why the defective ram stick is behaving like it is. I wonder why I cant boot up with only the defective stick in place, (windows will boot with just the other stick in). It is very interesting, then that windows thinks there is 2 GB of ram installed when I use them both.


Here are some stats about my computer:

Core 2 Duo e6300 cpu

DG965WH Intel Motherboard

No video card (onboard GMA by Intel)

dynex 400w power supply

160 GB HDD by Western Digital (SATA)

Samsung DVD/CD Writer

1 GB of Corsair 667 MHz memory that works for sure

1 GB of Corsair 667 MHz memory that is doing the weird things mentioned above.


I believe this memory chip is defective.

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