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Asus P5B Deluxe WiFI - Vista - Excess Ram


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Hello all. So, here I am with a new box (specifications in my profile), Vista Ultimate, and 2 pairs of TWIN2X2048-6400C4. Now it was never my intent to run two pairs, but the box may or may not end up having 4GB. A change of plans for a second system for my girlfriend left me with this fine extra ram... :D:


Asus QVL lists the 1024 CM2X1024-6400C4 module as verified for two pairs in dual channel configuration. Considering I know that a pair works fine at 2.1 V, 4 4 4 12 at 800 MHZ I am wondering whether the two pair will be viable in this installation at the same settings. To be honest I have read a bit about 4GB installations but never had a notion to attempt it myself...


I undertsand the limitations of 32bit applications with regard to the 2gb "barrier". I will be running Vista 64bit initially (testing at work with Vista 64 as well) as the applications I will be using have been tested and work well with this version. I may or may not revert back to the 32bit version. We do have proprietary apps that are 64bit.


So... The extra ram gets shelved or installed. Help me make the call! I would be fine with a small decrease in performance for stability, but perhaps not a substatial decrease. Has anyone specifically tested this setup with regard to settings, reliabilily, and benchmarking? Any and all information welcome.


Thank you,



PS: The BIOS version is 1004 on the P5B Deluxe.

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965p and 4x dimms is usually a better performer than most. I guess your best bet is to just give ti a try you may find that it works fine, and you also may find that you cannot hit as high a memory speeds as with 2 sticks. It is just luck of the draw.
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