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feature of my flash voyager


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Hello ,


ive just received my 2Go flash voyager and i would know its features ,cause i found her faster than what i ve read about her everywhere .After a little test she can reach 25 Mo/s in reading and 17Mo/s in writing :eek: .


ive found those serial number on flah voyager

one side : GO2G F(E?)M2710099

other side:07020754-0


and with the box . document number 45-00078A


thank .

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Good evening


Please see the Flash Memory Products page on our web site and if you still have questons please let me know!


yes of course :D:


in fact ive read the thread "Is the Flash Voyager product line SLC or MLC?" and i saw your answer


"Currently most of the FV line has already moved to MLC technology and the main reason why some people are seeing the performance difference when they have an older drive in comparison."


So cause my FV is faster than feature display at store on line like here or here , i supposed my FV use slc tech but im not sure and i would like to know thank to serial number i've gave if my FV has been built with slc or mlc chip .


Thank .

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