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Hi. This could be very good news for all Flash Voyager users.


One of the features SanDisk Cruzer drives have over the Voyager is CruzerSync file encryption and syncing software, which runs on the Cruzer's U3 platform and is pretty snazy - I've been using it for a while now on a Cruzer Titanium, which is nice but a lot slower than my 1 GB Voyager. The CruzerSync software was why I bought the Cruzer drive but though its 4GB I really could do with something bigger already.


I've just discovered that the company which supplies CruzerSync has also produced a version of the same software which it says ships with new (presumably non-U3?) Flash Voyagers, called Voyager Plus. Check this link: http://www.dmailer.com/site/products/voyager.html (sorry if the hyperlink doesn't work - try copy and paste).


Having used CruzerSync software for a while, I can confirm it is great stuff - very easy to use and lets me sync with my home PC in seconds, and carry in my pocket to work any new emails as well as my internet favourites and working files, then plug into my work PC and use it as if I were at home. It even allows me to answer emails as if from home. When I get home I plug the Cruzer in again and update my home PC with any files I've altered at work. Very smooth compared to tying myself in knots trying to keep track of different copies of stuff manually, plus an encrypted backup every day! Now if all of this runs on the 16GB Voyager - well I'm getting me one right away and ditching the Cruzer!!:laughing:


Anyone know any more about this Voyager Plus software? What I can't figure out is why it isn't mentioned on Corsair's site, or by anyone I've seen who is selling Voyagers. Is it so new Corsair's marketing hasn't caught up yet -or has Dmailer announced its software a little too early perhaps? Can anyone comment?


Thanks folks.

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