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Memory sticks falling apart


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OK Big problem here.


I have TwinX CM2X1024 memory sticks that are coming apart. What I mean from this is that one of the heat shields on one of the sticks has completly come off and it will not stick back on.


Also, the ink on the lables is comming off. On one stick, there is no writing left to read. On the other stick, more than 50% of the lable writing is missing. I have tried to contact Corsair through their RMS site and have been given this number 65118 but am still waiting for a response to complete the RMA.


Here is the picture of the disappearing lables:




Here is the picture of the stick of memory that the heat sink came off:






I even tried to call Corsair but I got the 'Sorry, we are busy leave a message and we will call back'.:laughing:


Need help here.

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