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4GB matched pairs for Dominator

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Seeing Vista will be released tomorrow, enthusiasts will be moving to 4 GB systems real quick with the advent of 64 bit software.


Any heads up on when Corsair will release a 4GB matched pair in its XMS DDR2 line? I am awaiting this before I upgrade to Asus Crosshair with AM2 and the FX-62 so I don't have to repurchase larger modules at a later date. The A8N32-SLI mobo I am currently using will not accept anything larger than 1 GB in each slot.


With the FX-60 price still up in the stratosphere it would not make sense to upgrade to this chip from my current X2-4800.


Any news would be greatly appreciated.





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Thats the same question I have. Sadly none of the manufacturers seem to be able to get a single 2GB Ram with decent speed working. They doesnt even answer mails about this (not only corsair) :[pouts:


Do it like myself, put some low cost Ram (2x 1gb pc667 nonames) in your highend PC so that it doenst hurt much when finally some nice 4GB TwinX are on the market.

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