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Help with Dominator 6400c3df


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Just purchased a new system and I cannot get this RAM to work @ the CAS 3 timings suggested.

It works fine @ CAS5 (Orthos etc. runs fine) but if i try to move it to the CAS3 setting PC will not go past POST...no signal to monitor.


Any ideas ?


I have tried every version of BIOS available and all Voltages from 1.83 -> 2.4.....


Bit gutted really first Corsair memory I have purchased...Thanks in advance!



Intel Bad Axe 2


Conroe 6600

3 x Raptors in RAID 0

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i had kinda the same prob, i dont know if this will help but i had to put one stick in the 3rd mem slot then it posted and i added the other and it still posted but i kept getting the bsod when windows would start...so i did a clean install of windows and since then everything is working fine.
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