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Hi RAM Guy,


Ok, I understand, but the thing is that it looks like Corsair have received the faulty stick on Tuesday of the last week, and since then I did not receive any message.


Also, an international call from Brazil to US is very expensive, so I would like to try to get an update via this forum.


Any help appreciated.

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Hi there,


RAM Guy, could you please check if Corsair have already received my faulty stick? RMA# R219028.


Last time I phoned, the guy told me that it was not there yet. I´m trying to find the tracking number, but meanwhile if you can check if it was already received it would be great.


Thank you.

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I don't have the tracking number with me.

It was posted by a friend of mine, who lives in Walnut Creek, CA on January, 22.


He is trying to find the paper with the tracking number but no luck so far. But he knows that he has the paper somewhere...


Is there is a chance that the package have already been received and the system not updated accordingly (the package is stuck somewhere at Corsair)? Just a thought...


If you think that it is possible, here is the packaging information:


Jay Reso

542 Via Appia

Walnut Creek, CA 94598


Is it possible to have somebody double-check the package inventory to see if it is stuck there for whatever reason?


I’m sorry, I know that it would be better to have the tracking information and check with the shipper, but while my friend doesn’t find the tracking number, my hands are tied…


I really appreciate your help.

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