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No Post - P5n-e Sli & Cm2x1024-6400c4


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I just put this thing together and looks like power is all working well.


I have two of the CM2X1024-6400C4 (bundled together so I think they are a matched pair?)


In every case, the system will not display any video and the following are the assortment of POST beep codes:


With no RAM there is typical one long & 2 short beeps.


With one of the RAM inserted into memory slot 1-A produces one long continuous beep which never stops.


The other RAM inserted into the same slot produces nothing whatsoever.


I have tried moving them all around, paired up in the yellow slots, paired them up in the black slots, paired up in the A Channel, and paired up in the B channel...no luck.


Can never get it to complete POST successfully or display any video. I always get the same results, either nothing, or 1 long continuous beep, depending on where the two chips are located.


My inclination is that there must be something wrong with the ram since the two identical RAM modules produce different results in the same slot (one nothing, the other one long continuous beep), and neither allow me to get past POST.


Is this RAM compatible with my MB? In the configurator, I saw the CM2X1024-6400 but not the 6400C4. Is that a problem?


Thank you!


-The Pancake Man

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Thank you. The system already indicated that an RMA has been approved and I should wait to receive instructions including the RMA number and then ship them.


I have access to another machine with same ram requirements that works, and we are going to get together tomorrow and swap RAM around before sending them just to be sure. Hopefully the other machine will display similar symptoms when I put my ram in it, and my machine will work with the other RAM in it.



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OK, I sent the RAM back on 2/1 (or thereabouts...), complete with RMA supplied by Corsair, etc...


Over the course of at least the last week I wanted to just get a status on the replacements so I have e-mailed several times, I have called several times and left voice mail because no one is available to take my call right now (and was told on the message that someone will return my call by the end of the business day...), I have checked the delivery and it was confirmed delivered on or before 2/5, I have not gotten the replacements, I have not gotten any of my e-mails returned, I have not gotten any of my phone calls returned...This is not doing anything for my confidence in Corsair. I have attempted these things, not with the intent to make anyone hurry on your end, but just to allow me to know when to expect the ram. I actually am not really feeling like a valuable customer at the moment, and am actually feeling like you are hanging me out to dry here.


Please, someone, communicate with me? :confused:

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