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Just bought this memory,


When it arrives, I realize I might have to adjust some timings and such in the BIOS... the mobo is a A8N32 Deluxe, I have heard (different mobos, unsure of ASUS) that there can sometimes be another BIOS, a more elaborate/extensive settings menu. Usually a different key combo to get to it, is there one for this mobo?


From there I think I can go in and find the necessary things to tweak as I should be able to search for previous posts on this and get it done. Does anyone have any thing bad to say about this set of memory, if so, what makes you say that?


And I read in another post about disabling the Legacy USB, what exactly would that do for the overall system?



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That is why I asked what other function needs to be modified. I am not a whiz at this, but I know when something isn't there... as of right now,


I ran CPU-Z 138 and it states that in the following:it says 2-3-3-6, but...




Unfortunately when I tab over to SPD, and its still stating that the memory is 3-3-3-8 and running at CL3.


Is there a conflict in program here... is there a better program to use to check the timings.

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I am a little new to adjusting some of these settings and would like to make sure I did everything that I was supposed to... Thanks in advance for any help provided on this.


I have the Asus A8n32-SLI Deluxe Board with Twinx2048-3200c2pt and with Twinx1024-3200c2pt which totals 3 gb. I believe I have set everything up right according to the 2-3-3-6 timings and the 2.75 volts etc and I even have it in dual channel mode, but I would just like to make sure. Please see my images below as they are shots from the BIOS and from CPU-Z. I just want to make sure I do not need to do anything further with the auto settings, and I also would like to know if I need to adjust the other timings shown in CPU-Z/BIOS to get what I am supposed to out of this combo.








Thanks again for any help provided and if anyone needs any further information regarding the system please let me know.

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