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P4C800 E Deluxe Problem


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Back in August 2004 I built a really nice online gaming machine. Sure, I have replaced some things since then...but not until today did I mess with the CORSAIR XMS 1GB (2 x 512MB) that I started with.


I decided that I wanted to bring my PC up to date a bit and add the CORSAIR XMS 2GB (2 x 1GB) to the mix. That shouldn't be too difficult, right? Wrong. I went from feeling extremely confident to more like a complete idiot within a couple of minutes.


So, I opened the package - shutdown and unplugged the PC - opened the PC case - put on my anti-static gear - installed the new RAM - closed the case - replugged and powered up the PC - and the problems began.


With both the old and new memory installed it would take me to the Windows XP loading screen, then reboot, and continue that cycle forever.


If I removed the old memory, leaving the new memory inside, it would do absolutely nothing...a completely blank screen.


If I put the old memory back in, it now says something about "low memory" or something. There were also messages about currupted files and whatnot. So, I decided to reinstall Windows XP just because, well, I am flustered and thought that might be something to do besides beat myself over the head anymore. LOL!


I have set the BIOS back to default...it did say something about "overclocking" not working properly. But even after doing the reset I still encountered the same issues.


What the heck did I do wrong here?! I feel like a complete idiot and my wife is laughing at me for not just going and getting a new computer from Gateway or Dell. Pfff!

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I decided to get some sleep and go back at this in the morning...but I am still having no luck.


I made sure that my 2x512MB sticks were in the A1/B1 slots and the new 2x1GB sticks were seated properly in the A2/B2 slots.


I went into BIOS and set the following to the Chipset functions:


Configure DRAM Timing by SPD: [Disabled]

DRAM CAS# Latency: [2.0 Clocks]

DRAM RAS# Precharge: [3 Clocks]

DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay: [3 Clocks]

DRAM Precharge Delay: [6 Clocks]

DRAM Burst Length: [4 Clocks]

Performance Acceleration Mode: [Auto]

DRAM Idle Timer: [Auto]

DRAM Refresh Rate: [Auto]


Now it will go all the way to the Windows XP "Welcome" screen...for about two seconds, then the PC reboots. It will do this over and over and over again if I let it.


The BIOS saw all 3GB of RAM and appeared to test them as good. If I leave the "Configure DRAM Timing by SPD" as "Auto" I get an "overclocking FAILED" message.


Again, this is on an ASUS PC4800-E Deluxe motherboard (the BIOS is up to date).


Anybody care to help me out here? I truly appreciate it!

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I was looking around for any information I could find regarding my issue, including the Corsair website checking the compatability tool. This is when I noticed that I have "CMX1024-3200C2PT" that arrived, but I had ordered "TWINX1024-3200C2PT" from Newegg. I am going to assume that those are two different models and that the CMX may not be compatable with my ASUS PC4800-E Deluxe?
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Figured it out...one of the sticks is DOA.


I finally got smart and put them in one at a time and...go figure...after hours upon hours of pulling my hair out...one stick worked without a glitch, the other one did nothing except look pretty inside the box.


Now I guess that I contact Newegg for a replacement.



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