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Bad dimm?


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System works fine until I start gaming. AAO, GRAW, Ravenshield all play for about 15-20 minutes, freeze, BSOD for 1-2 seconds and then system reboots.


Any ideas? I'm not a tech guru so I'm open to suggestions. :confused:


Ran memtest86 3.2 in this order:

1: both dimms 1 and 2 in m/b channels A1 and A2 (errors, test 7)

2: dimm 1 in channel A1 (no errors)

3: dimm 2 in channel A1 (no errors)

4: dimm 1 in channel A2 (no errors)

5: dimm 2 in channel A2 (errors out the kazoo in test 5 and 7) :eek:



CPU (not overclocking): Intel Core2 duo/ Conroe processor/ 2.66ghz/ 1066 fsb/ 4mb cache

CPU fan: Zalman

M/B: Asus P5N-E SLI

GPU: BFG 8800 gtx 768mb ddr

Memory: Corsair TWIN2x2048-6400C4 2gb DDR2

PSU: O c Z 700w

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Changed settings to 4 4 4 12 2t and 2.178v

Ran memtest 1.7 and failed test 3


New settings 5 5 5 15 2t and 2.178v

Failed tests 2, 3, 4,



Dimm slots on this M/B:


Yellow A1

Black A2


Yellow B1

Black B2


I currently have the dimms in A1 and B1

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