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Hello. I urgently need advice.


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Hello, I'm new here.


I urgently need advice about a model of corsair I've just bought.


I have an AMD 64 3800; 2x512 Ram (Samsung) which are working in dual channel (I have four slots; socket 939); Mb MSI AMETHYST-M. I've just purchased a Corsair VS1GB400C3.


I added it to the 3rd slot, but the pc won't boot. I tried only with the VS1GB400C3 installed. Same result.


Then I thought I needed both of them, so I tried a single samsung, making it run just in 512. And it worked perfectly.


Then I tried different configurations, Corsair in the 1st slot, while others in 3rd and 4th, vice versa... every mathematical possibility, but to no avail.


Now, either the memory I bought is fragged, or it's not compatible with my MB.


Which one?


Thank you in advance.

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I did it, I tried the system with just the Corsair. It's not working. No boot. That what makes me think that 1) this memory is not working with my MB 2) the memory is fragged.


How do I reset the BIOS by the way? Should I, or it's just not compatible? I spent a lot of money for this memory, so I would prefer to invest again in another memory than having thrown them out on something that simply won't work on my mb.

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Typically your motherboard manual will have instructions in how to reset the BIOS in a couple of seconds via a jumper. If you can't find it, you can always unplug the power supply cables from the motherboard, remove the CMOS battery, and let it sit like that for 24 hours.
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No memory manufacturer can account for mixing models together in the same system. Results are hit or mix. Even if system seeems to function correctly, you may see issues later with the OS after a week or two. Hopefully it works out!!
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Two questions, if I may:


1) is it dangerous for my pc? It sounds serious ;)


2) what is the reason of it? The other 2 x 512 memory banks work perfectly, even a single one of them.

1) No, it's in the motherboard manual after all!

2. Different memory runs... differently! Different timings, different voltage.



Before I do this, I would also like to know if a VS1GB400C3 will work with MSI Amethyst-M. :(



What should I expect once I cleared the cmos? Will the system be usable?
It's a reset, not a format. It'll work fine.



And why is the Other brand censored? :roll:
Another company's name has nothing to do with the troubleshooting process.
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  • Corsair Employees
And why is the Other brand censored?


Because at one time we were the only memory manufacturer that had a public forum and many users were coming here to try and get help with modules that were not made by us because they could not get help from the maker of their ram. Is the main reason.

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