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Corsair 3200LL v1.1 Reg DDR


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I think I've got a compatibility issue with some RAM I just bought. It could also be faulty RAM but I'm unable to test it fully at this stage.


I'm using a DFI NF4 Lanparty motherboard (socket 939) with an AMD 3800. I have been using 2x 512Mb 3200LL v1.1 without a problem. I decided to upgrade and purchased an additional 2x 512 3200LL. However when they arrived they were actually 3200LL (CMX512RE) Registered modules. They system won't pass post with them. I have tried them in a spare system but its running a flakey socket 754 Albatron board and I can only get the value select RAM there stable if I clock the RAM back to 266. This system also fails to Post but thats not really a good test for the reason I just mentioned.


I have a mate with a socket 775 intel board I plan on testing them with to make sure I don't have faulty sticks. Is this a known issue? The board supports ECC but thats not quite the same as just registered is it? Any suggestions here?


Also If I decide to ditch it can I mix the XMS or the C2 RAM with my existing 3200LL? Half the reason I'm in trouble here is I tried to match the pair and didn't read the fine print.


You help would be most appreciated

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