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RMA Status R218781


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Hi my name is mario Nadeau from Quebec, Canada (RMA R218781)


Last monday you receive my TWINX1024-3200 ,but i don't receive any news

about that .. The only news you got me is: you don't have receive !!!


Curious, i have a post confirmation ....


Please give me good news ..


US Post confirmation


mario madeau has requested that you receive the current Track & Confirm

information, as shown below.


Current Track & Confirm e-mail information provided by the U.S. Postal Service.


Label Number: CE39 8254 212C A


Service Type: International Parcels


Shipment Activity Location Date & Time


Delivered FREMONT CA 94538 01/22/07 1:11pm


Notice Left FREMONT CA 94538 01/20/07 10:47am


Enroute FREMONT CA 94538 01/20/07 10:32am



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