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I have a customer that has a Corsair memory module (CMX512-3200C2PRO) that is damaged. He purchased his PC from a website. He was having trouble with his system and called them for tech support. He sent his PC back to them for repair. When it came back to him they had replaced the motherboard and the video card. They told him that one of his memory modules was damaged and so they removed both pieces, leaving him with 2 - 512 modules. He wanted them to warranty the memory and they refused. The module has a very small missing gold part and the cover of the module has several dings, scratches and dents. It appears as if the module was dropped. Since the company that he purchased the PC from will not cover the warranty on the Memory will you? Now this leaves him with only one gig of RAM and when he sent the PC in for repair it was running and had 2 gigs. The other problem is the two modules that were sent back to him have mis-matched versions. One is version 5.2 (the damages piece) and the other is version 4.1. Both good pieces in the PC are version 5.2 We do not know if this was the original configuration or what they sent back. Is there something that you can do about this also? He is very unhappy with the company he purchased the PC from and came to us for help. We are a brick and mortar computer store and build and service PC’s.
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