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Another ASUS P5N32+Twin2x2048-6400c4 issues


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My Christmas gift for my son was a brand new PC; he's in college and built it. The PC was working fine a few days, then the system restarted again and again sometimes presenting blue screens with several WINDOWS STOP MESSAGES, like PFN_LIST CORRUPT, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION, PAGEFAULT_IN_A_NON_PAGED_AREA, IRQL_LIST_CORRUPT.....mainly.

He looked for assistance:




1.We purchased a new PSU Corsair CMPSU-620HX RT, in the meantime...

2. Updated the MB Bios to 0603 and apllied again the Memory settings: DDR2 voltage, DRAM timings as Data Sheet states clearly (even in the memory module stick). Problem continued, so

3.We performed a MemTest...with both memory modules, then with each one separately in the same slots each time. We got in the first runs (both and one of the modules) 2000 or 3000 errors.... no big deal, however, we had the culprit identified.

4.We installed the new PSU(wow, fine piece of device)....with both memory modules, the Corsair Memory Dashboard identified well in its slots, even separately, but about 30 or 40 minutes after, the PC began to restart itself. The same ocurred with the "bad module" alone.

So, are my memory modules elegible to be replaced?

If it is so, We wanted to post all this long history here, in order to sustain a RMA with Mr. Ramguy approval.

Thanks a lot


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Well, we followed as an aditional guide the link below, plus Command Rate: 2T & tRC: Auto (however, the application CPU-Z, showed 22):




We already set (another test) the memory clock at 667 Mhz, as you suggested, and:

The "good memory module".....no problems

Both memory modules...the PC reseted itself when the Windows logo appears, over and over again....same result with the "bad" module alone...We inserted this memory module in each MM's memory slot, like the good one alone as well.


Thanks for your reply


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Try this first.


First: "AI Tuning -> Select Manual"

Second: "Go to System Voltages, Set Voltage for Memory to 2.1v"

Third: Go to Overclocking, Select Memory Timing Schedule. Set timings to 4-4-4-12-2T and Auto for the rest.

Fourth: Go back a 2 screens to AI Tuning and go to FSB and Memory Config. Select Unlinked. Reboot Computer.

Fifth: Go back to "Ai Tuning -> FSB and Memory Config" and select memory speed of 800.

Sixth: Reboot computer and your memory speed is now 800. Easy as pi.

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