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Compatibility-problem or just unlucky x2!?


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Built myself a new rig early in january, with 2GB Corsair (2 x TWIN2X1024-5400C4). Where one of the sticks were faulty. When i insert both sticks in dual channel, the computer just switches on/off every 3-4 seconds. Running single channel on one of the sticks proved to work perfectly. Single channel with the second stick just resulted with the speaker beeping. Also tried the sticks in a ABIT AB9 motherboard, also failing with a C1 error.


I got the sticks replaced with 2 x TWIN2X6400C4D. The same thing with this set of corsair memory. One of the sticks works perfectly, with the other stick my computer just switches on/off every 3-4 seconds. When i install them i dual channel it either switches on/off every 3-4 seconds or freezes at the BIOS POST screen.


Also tried to set the DDR-voltage to 2.0 or 2.1 Volts, with the same results in both single and dual channel. Resetting BIOS to safe settings. Unfortunately i have not been able to test this set in the Abit AB9 motherboard.



About the rig:


Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4

Intel C2D E6600


Hiper 580W PSU

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