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M2N32-Sli Deluxe /AMD 64 x2 4600/ 2x2048-6400c4 (4GB)


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I have had random reboots on this system since it was 2 months old (July 06).


I have had Crash to Desktop issues ONLY when playing Battlefield 2142 OFTEN (4-5 times in a typical 4 hour session).


I ran a test in Memtest and it had failures. I thought it may be bad RAM so I looked up this site. I called Tech Support and they had me reset the Voltage to 2.1. I retested in Memtest and it tested fine (although it only showed 3 slots??).


I thought the voltage to 2.1 would help.


I have now run it at 667. I really would like to run this at 800mhz. Is this possible?


I have the latest BIOS for this board. 0903. I can't find the DRAM timing screen?! How can I check the timing!


What are the optimal settings for my rig?

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