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Yes, I have bad parts!


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New system build:


2x512 Corsair VS512MB667D2

C2D E6300

Gigabyte DS3 mobo

OCZ Mod Stream PS

Seagate 320GB 7200.10


Problem started right away. Installing WinXP, I get to copying files and it would fail everytime while copying tourw.exe. I even tested with a different 965 mobo (Intel), error in same place. To make a long story of hell short (lots of component swapping and BIOS checking), I swapped out the memory for some Patriot and installed WinXP fine. Put Corsair back in and I'd get random errors in XP. ....arrrrgggg.


Ran MEMTEST on the first module...BILLIONS of errors, 17408 errors in the first pass to be exact. No need for more passes IMO. Second module passed MEMTEST with no problems.


Anything else I need to do for an RMA?

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