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Last month I filed a request for RMA and indeed within 24 hours I got a reply and my RMA (RMA NumberR217994) was processed quickly and to my full satisfaction.

Thank you guys !!:D:

But the problem started when I tried to track the return shipment.

I was given a FEDEX tracking number but this number could not be found in the online system.

I called the local Fedex bureau but they did not have that number in the system, nor my name or phone number.

Although I sent immediately an email back to the RMA Support Supervisor, I did not receive any reply.

A few days later UPS (!!) delivered the parcel and I was able to return my PC into full working order.

Looking at the UPS tracking record, I noticed that the billing info and thus tracking info started on January 16, while the email from the RMA Support Supervisor was dated January 19.


Please update your customers about any change in shipment details. Provide correct tracking numbers. Also too much time passed between the pickup date and the email sent to me (with incorrect information....). Only these minor errors withold this RMA from having been a textbook RMA service example.


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I am sorry for the confusion, and I don’t know why they would tell you FEDEX and it be sent UPS there had to be some reason for the mix-up.

However, I don’t know what that would be and I do apologize for the confusion.

The RMS's are processed sometimes later in the day from a pickup and then picked up the next business day and or the order may have been processed but for what ever reason there was some delay in shipping the package, its hard to say but most likely there was a back log on that part and it took a day or so to fill the order. Again I am sorry for the delay.


But I will forward a note to the Customer Service Manager for them to review and see if there is any action that needs to be corrected or if it was just an honest mistake. Either way we do apologize.

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Being a support team member myself in another field of PC hardware, I know these things and when one becomes suddenly himself a "customer" it gives lots of perspective of your job and also how others operate.

The most important thing is to get info about snags in order to iron out those wrinkles.....

In all, a problem was solved to full satisfaction of the customer withing 10 days while having merchandise shipped around the world and that's what at the end counts!!:sunglasse

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