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Bad RAM, CMX1024-3200C2


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Sorry, not entirely sure about the format of how we're supposed to report this, but I'll explain my story.


I returned to my computer after 5 minutes or so, to find it off. I turned it back on, and ever since it goes through the beginnings of start up and then gets to the screen where it tells me windows could not start properly, then gives me the options to start in safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, or windows normally with the last good used settings. Selecting any of these will bring me to a quick blue screen then restart, leaving me right back at where I was.


I took it in to a local computer shop, and the employee did diagnostics and a memtest on it. I'm not entirely sure the intricacies of it, but he had told me that the stick was bad and that it was failing "all across the board" so to speak, and that I should contact corsair and see about getting it replaced under warranty.


So I came here, read the rules, and saw that you are a great company which offers lifetime warranty on this product. Hoping to fill out a RMA and send it in ASAP.


I await your reply, "RAM guy"!

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