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twin cmx512 + 1gig?


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Hi everyone,

I have a question?

With 3 slots, can I put 1 gig stick into the 3rd slot

with the other 2 being 512?

I bought another brand and it doesn't work with the

other 2. I tried it all ways and still doesn't work.

are there 1 gigs out there and will it recognize it as 1 gig plus 2-512s equaling 2gig? there doesn't seem to be a 1 gig for sale alone. most everything is in twins.






A7N8K Deluxe mb

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is this too much, it says it can handle it and then why wouldn't it need 'TWINX1024-3200C2PT' ?

doesn't that mean two of the 1024's?

I've added mem b4 to my other pc's without this much


and now I have a gig of mem that doesn't work with this pc too. :confused:


I appreciate any help given.

thanx again,


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Its best not to mix memory and the IC is different that's used to make a 512 Meg module they might work but you may end up slowing the memory down, like I said its best to replace them so both modules match and also there is less loading on the chipset or memory controller.
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