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I have an ASUS P4C800E-Deluxe motherboard and I'm looking to upgrade from 1GB of memory to 4GB (the max for this board). Currently the memory I have is the Corsair XMS3500C2 (2 512mb modules). My current settings are below.


Ram Settings for the Corsair XMS3500C2 memory (DDR 433)


SDRAM Configuration: Manual

SDRAM CAS Latency: 2T


SDRAM RAS Precharge (tRP): 3T

SDRAM Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 6T


The reason I'm asking what type of memory to get is because I remember posting to this board a while back when my motherboard first came out. I know there was all types of memory problems and setting problems at the time. The kind people on this board helped me get the correct memory and the correct settings. I haven't had a problem since. So I was wondering if there is "special" memory I need to get for this board? I will need 4 1gb modules. Any help would be greatly be appreciated, also do I need to set new timings?

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Thank you for your interest in our products. Unfortunately the 3500C2 series of memory has been discontinued and we cannot suggest mixing any other type of memory together with it. I am sorry about this but because the actual memory IC chip has gone out of production we can no longer manufacture these modules. If you are still looking to upgrade your best bet would be to remove your 3500C2 modules and to add new RAM throughout your machine. Once again I apologize for the inconvenience, take care.
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That's fine, what memory would you recommend based on the memory I already have? In other words, what memory do you have now that is basically like the XMS3500C2 or better and of course will work with my motherboard. Can I keep the timings the same as in my original post, or would I have to change it with the new memory?
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