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Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5 2GB Kit DDR2-1066 XMS2-8500 DIMM failure


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I purchased this pair of 1GB DIMMs in October 2006 through ZipZoomFly.


They had both been functional on my MSI up until last week when the machine failed to boot up. I did some reseating, switched them out, tried some reconfigurations and got them both detected and working again.


Yesterday upon restarting my machine, it failed to post again and the MSI D-bracket (contains a LED indicator that can be used to diagnose boot problems) froze on "Memory Detection Test." After various reseating and reconfiguration attempts and testing each module by itself, installing only ONE would enable the machine to post (installing the other module singularly yielded no post).


This leads me to believe that this one DIMM has failed or become inoperable for some reason and I would like to claim an RMA in order to have it replaced ASAP.


Thanks in advance,


Vince H.

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As a followup, I just read the stickies above and found the Tech Support Express page, which I will give a go.


I doubt there's anything to discuss with my particular problem since it is pretty straightforward but anyone may feel free to opine.


I should note I did have these overclocked to the EPP voltage as shown on the product page (2.2V) (at 800 MHz, I couldn't hit 1066 with my configuration for some reason...I think it's a chipset and/or board limitation) for a while.


EDIT: Since I already started this thread, I will wait until RAMguy at least shares his 2 cents since the tech support express page lists post ID as an option.


EDIT #2: I saw the recommendation at said tech express page that both modules be returned but they have identical specs and I have no backup RAM for this machine, so I would prefer to send only the

defective module if possible.


EDIT #3: Reading a FAQ above, I noticed that module revisions are pretty common so I assume I may be shooting myself in the foot if I don't return both modules...

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Yes, thanks...I've reached that conclusion after toiling for a while (I had settled on 800 or 880 Mhz, as that was as high as I could personally get). However, the board is now set to 667 MHz and this one DIMM causes the error reading on the D-Bracket LEDs and prevents the PC from posting while the other one causes no such problem.


Can I post a link to this thread and receive my RMA in that manner?


I already regret spending $360 for a pair of modules that I won't even be able to run at their maximum, I would really like to take care of this and get a replacement.

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I to have a failed pair...and this is the third time on 3 different mother boards as well....CM2X1024-8500C5...I have a request in on the rma request but if you can get this done sooneer that would be gret.....Lenny Halvorson, REQUEST # 710096. Thanks...


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