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i currently have this ram using the followin setup


asus p5b

intel e6600

zalman 7700

320gb sata 2 drive


ati 1950xtx

soundblaster x-fi

xp home

seasonic 600


my question is for xp and vista would a higer ram say 8500 be better or is what i have work fine


also could u give me some settings i could change to overclock this system a bit more..i have tried and it hangs up or screen blank..i just use the asus software for overclocking and unsure if it works anygood

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These modules will work fine in an ASUS P5B, you can get the settings from the link in my signature and just make sure that you have the latest bios version and load setup defaults before you set the settings. Also any setting that is not listed should be set to Bios default or AUTO and some settings that are listed my not be found in your Bios.
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