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Need verification if these are indeed BH-5 chips on my ram that i purchased in 2002

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Originally posted in the general forums.. but thought i might have a better chance in here to get a response..





I have a question about my 2 sticks of 512MB Ram.. I need to know if these are forsure Winbond BH-5 memory chips as i always thought they were.










Follow up..


Welp i just carefully removed the cover off of one modual and look and behold its BH-6????? What the??? I've been over this many times years ago when i first bought these sticks that they were infact BH-5. They boot up at cas 2 2,5,2 all day long. How is it possable that this stick is BH-6? Now i will admit that inorder to get this stick happy and go above 220 FSB i would have to change it to cas 2,3,5,2.. but not with the other stick and the other stick has the same numbers and v2.1.


So could it be that these are supposed to be BH-5 and this one slipped though and the other is BH-5? I'm confused..


I'm not even gona remove the cover off the other stick intill i get verification from ram guy.



Another post..


Just checked this thread on your forums and i see this peice of info:


CMX512-3200 XMS3200v2.1 022807 = Winbond -5 Rev B


And theres this line in there as well.. Not sure which one is right:


CMX512-3200PT V2.1 02321 = Incomplete But should be Winbond -5 Rev B


Really need an answer guys.

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  • Corsair Employees

XMS3200C2 was usually based on -6 IC's and XMS3200LL and XMS3500C2 were based on -5 IC's. However, we did our IC screens and -6 and -5 IC's are from the same DIE; just a speed bin by the IC maker but since we did our screening of the IC's we may have bought them prior to IC manufacturers screening process.


Bottom line is will the modules run at there tested settings on an approved platform? Cas 2-3-3-6 on Intel or Cas 2.5-3-3-6 on AMD XP platform at 2.75 Volts?


And if you would like to know the IC we used please see and post in the IC Inquiry Thread, I will be happy to tell you the next time I update that thread usually on Friday afternoon!

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