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Help, Can I have it? Please

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Hello, My name is Danny and I've been waiting for my RMA RAM for over 3 months now. I've called several times and spoken to a woman by the name of Kim I believe. First time I called she told me that my RAM has been received and was ready to be shipped out. She was suppose to email me the tracking code. A few weeks goes by and no tracking code. I called back and spoke with the same person, she apologized that there were problems, she will look into it and send me my tracking code... again. Another few weeks goes by and still no email or anything. Sometime around December 29th I placed another call, and no one answered. I left a very detail message of my situation with my cell number and my email address. It has now been little over 3 weeks and I still haven't heard anything from anyone. I've already started school and it would be really nice have RAM for my laptop. I've been a loyal fan of Corsair ever since I first got into computers. Now, I'm having doubts after all this trouble and the little amount of help I'm getting. Please RAM guy, Help me out!


Case #198754

RMA #R148081




Info removed for your protection

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I called this morning and I spoke with Kim again. She said the system was down for maintenance and she would call me back in 15 minutes. Two and half hours later I received no call, so I decided to call back. This time I spoke with Joseph and I shared with him my problem. Joseph was a bit more helpful and more aware of my problem. Yet, I got the same reply that he will have to call me back.... so now I wait... Think I'm having withdrawals from FFXI and WoW:eyebuldge
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