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6400c4d exchange


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Hi, I live in Canada and applied for the exchange. I have 2x1gb Corsair Dominator pc6400 ddr 800 promo ic's v2.2 and wanted to upgrade to the 8500c4d just like the rules listed. I sent an email with my proof and got an email back a few days later saying that you guys were very busy with the exchanges and that im on the waiting list. It also said i would get a notification aroud mid January.


It is now Jan.22 and i havent heard a single word, no email, no nothing. I just want to make sure that i still am on the list and havent been forgotten. Any update would be great!


Thanks a lot!!

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I am sorry this is not done with Corsair TSD, you will have to make those arrangements with whom ever you spoke to or emailed.

Officially we can only replace modules for the same part# that you send in.

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