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TwinX2048-3200PRO modules gone bad


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I have 2 pairs of TwinX2048-3200PRO modules, purchased from NewEgg back in Dec of 2005. They have been working fine until I came back into work this morning and noticed that my machine had blue screened. I rebooted and immediately blue screened again. I rebooted again and configured my BIOS to run Memtest86 on next boot - with all 4 modules in I immediately failed.


I then started testing each module individually using slot 1. With one pair (Let's call them pair 1) of modules, my system would not even post. I then tested these modules in another computer and it did post, but then blue screened in windows. With the other pair (pair 2) I was able to post and run a successfull pass of memtest86 with just one module installed. However, when I run memtest with both modules in (slot 1 and slot 3) I fail memtest. Specifically I get 3 failures each on test 2 and 3. And fail on every address on test 5 and test 6 (I stopped after I had reached over 150,000 errors). Which leads me to beleive that I may also have a problem with my memory controller. I tested a different pair of memory in this computer to make sure, and sure enough - I get failures on test 5.


So it looks like I have 1 bad pair of memory - and a failing memory controller on my processor.

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