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New Build Stuck in Reboot Loop? Bad RAM?


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I recently built a new PC and I need help troubleshooting my problem, so far a friend has suggested the problem is possibly bad RAM. I have no one local to swap parts so it makes troubleshooting more difficult.



Intel BOXDG965WHMKR (running the latest BIOS 1618)

Core 2 Duo E6400 (Temps are around 45 C in BIOS)

Corsair VS1GB667D2 (I purchased just 1 stick)

Thermaltake Silent Pure Power 420 Watt (Voltages appear normal in BIOS)

Using on board video


When trying to load XP Pro, during the first step of the install the installer says files are being copied then a message is listed that Windows is starting. I'm then prompted to push enter to begin the Windows installation. At this point the computer reboots and will never get any further into the install.


From the advice on the forum I downloaded Memtest v1.70, but after 2 seconds Memtest either completely locks up or the system reboots (depending on if I have USB legacy enabled in BIOS).


Can anyone lend some assistance on steps to take to help troubleshoot the problem?

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