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Nautilus500 buzzing at startup


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ok i have had my unit since november,and just recently about 2 weeks ago,after the computer post the unit starts to buzz and it doesnt stop until i move it around and put it on an angle,then after its at an angle for about 30 min i can put it back to normal,what might be the problem,i can post a vid of the noise and how i have o make it stop if yall need it
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you were right,it was just air in the pump,all i did was open the fill hole and lightly tap it to get the air out,then filled it up with more fluid




You did the corrective action to resolve the problem. Good for you!


A quick search in the forums here will turn up much information dealing with buzzing or gurgling with the pumps of either the Hydrocool series, The Cool or the Natilus 500.


The solution for each of the systems would be exactly prescribed first if something of that nature happens.





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