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Fan Turning Off?!


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I bought a Nautilus 500 about a week ago, and ever since I bought it, there has always been a slight problem - the fan spins up and down. This creates two big problems:


1) The change in noise is very annoying.

2) The fan sometimes doesn't turn back on!


The other day, I left my computer on for a couple hours, and the fan had stayed off that entire time - I was near idling at 47'C! Any ideas of how to fix this?


Also, the water block I received had "tarnish" marks on it, but it was completely smooth, yet it had a nice big "QC APPROVED" sticker on it. Should I be worried?

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And what am I supposed to do in the mean time? I do not have a stock heatsink or anything else to use. I live in Canada, and shouldn't have to pay to have something shipped there, wait a month without my computer and then finally get it back?
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