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Amilo M3438 + VS1GSDS533D2?


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I have an Amilo m3438 from fsc and 1,5 year ago put a VS1GSDS533D2 module to it. Removed avery other modules (don't have them any more) and has worked fine for me! 3 days ago I installed windows Vista and decided to go with the integraded windows memory test, which reported me errors at the hardware around 20% using the standard test. Although using the basic test no errors at all! I put the memory to the other socket and the problem appeared again.


I tested the system using the memtst86+ and at the second test I got an error at 373.6MB every time or at address 1754a6b0. Other tests also reported errors. the error was that a bit was not correct, it was supposed to be ffffffff and it was fffdffff or something... Total errors I got were around 15 if I left the memtest86+ run for about 10 minutes.


A strange thing is that when I put the memory to the second socket the error was about 1 bit different that is ffffffff to fffeffff...! Also, I noticed that in the first socket the ram was identified by the memtest86 as DDR-1 at 133Mhz and with different timings than the second slot where it is identified as DDR-2 at 266MHz and with timings 4-4-4-11.


Is this a system compatibility issue or should I go for RMA? And for what? the memory or the laptop? I have little time until the warranty goes off....


The strange thing is that the system is running OK so many time and for hours and hours every day... Could there be that the tests are wrong?


Oh! Also when running a RightMark memory stability test at the free ram, everything shows OK. I am very confused, please help me! I am a student at the university studying Computer Science and I can't afford losing my laptop not even for one day! :(:

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Notebooks are strange beasties and it seems as if you might have some recognition issues. Very likely the Windows error checking just validates and resends for data if it is corrupted so that you do not find issues on your system. Since you are having no freezes or issues you have a choice to make.


  1. Find another stick of DRAM and test it in that slot to see if it also produces errors.


  2. Remove your stick and test it in another machine to see if you can replicate the errors.


  3. Request RMA and send your DRAM in

You are a student, need your laptop and are having no issues with the system. You have had no issues with this system for ~1.5 years.


My advice is not to worry about it as if your system were having problems with errored and not corrected DRAM you would experience some issues.

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