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Comptabilty twinx1024c2 and asus p4p800s se plz


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I want to buy twinx1024-3200c2 , but the only difference between twinx1024-3200c2pt and twinx1024-3200c2pro are the leds right ? But when i use the memory guide it tell me twinx1024-3200c2 dont work on my motherboard but on twinx1024-3200c2pt and twinx1024-3200c2pro it work ? There is a error on memory guide or twinx1024-3200c2 have some specific things that make the imcomptability on my p4p800s se ?

Thanks for your help


PS: Sorry for my bad english im french :D:

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I am sorry we do not test with 4 modules, for several reasons, and if they will work or not will be more dependant on your system and its configuration, I would suggest finding another use for the modules you have now and just order a set of Twinx2048-3200C2 set of modules for best performance.
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Sorry but i think u didn't understand me :p: and i think its because of my bad english.

I don't have any corsair ram. But i want to buy TwinX1024-3200C2 and what i want to know is if they would work on my motherboard the p4p800s se.

I used the memory guide , and it tell me that theTwinX1024-3200C2PT and TwinX1024-3200C2PRO work. What i want i to know is why i can't see TwinX1024-3200C2 on the list ? Because it seems that the only difference between these 3 pairs are the leds right ?

Does that mean that the TwinX1024-3200C2 have some other specific things that the 2 other pair doesnt have ?

I want to buy TwinX1024-3200C2 adn no other models because the shop where i want to go only sell this model.

Thanks to help me and sorry again if you didnt understand me the first time :D:

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