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2gb Corsair Voyager as a bootable drive. how?


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I have a 2gb Voyager that I just recently purchased in hopes of using it as a bootable drive that I can flash my motherboard/video card BIOS run Fdisk and what not.

However no matter what I am doing I cannot get this thing to work.

I have a Dell 128mb thumb drive I use at work that I can boot with just fine but my Voyager just doesnt work.

How can I get this thing to work the way I want it?

My system specs are


MSI K8N NEO2 Platnum

A64 x2 4200+

1gb Corsair XMS 3200LL Pro

2 x 160gb seagate IDE

1 x 80gb Seagate SATA


Ill list more if its needed.

But the board "sees" my dell drive just fine but my Voyager..just doesnt exist.

Ive used a Windows 98 boot disk as the base for my boot disk but I still get nothing.

Anyone know of a sure fire utility or a way to get this unit to function properly as a bootable thumb drive?

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