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RAM upgrade for Gigabyte GA-8IPE775 Pro


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Hi, I currently have 2 x 512mb DDR333 SMART Modular sticks running in Dual Channel. I wish to replace these with faster 2 x 1gb Corsair sticks running Dual Channel (eg DDR400). CPU is Intel P4 540 3.4Ghz, video card is ATI Radeon 9600XT AGPx8. I have never overclocked, CPU runs at stock 200 x 17 (3.4Ghz). I'm running XP Pro SP2.


I have read that when installing fast RAM that has aggressive timings, the system will automatically set the timings to something slower and the user must then set them manually via the BIOS to get the best of the RAM's potential speed.


I looked at my mobo manual and it doesn't seem to have BIOS settings to enter timings like 3-3-3-8 1T for example.


What it does have, under the 'Frequency/Voltage Control' BIOS page is:

* CPU Clock Ratio - eg. 15x

* CPU Host Clock Control - enabled or disabled

* CPU Host Frequency (Mhz) - can be set from 100-355Mhz.

* AGP/PCI/SRC Fixed - eg. 66/33/100

* Memory Frequency For - eg. if FSB is 800Mhz use '2.0' for Mem Freq = Host Clock x 2.0

* Memory Frequency (Mhz) - Normal, +0.1v, +0.2v

* AGP/PCI/SRC Frequency (Mhz) - values depend on 'AGP/PCI/SRC Fixed'.

* DIMM Overvoltage Control - Normal, +0.1v, +0.2v, +0.3v

* AGP OVervoltage Control - Normal, +0.1v, +0.2v, +0.3v

* CPU Voltage Control - 0.8375v to 1.7600v

* Normal CPU vcore


I run standard cooling and don't need the last per cent of RAM speed. But, I would like to replace the current 512mb DDR33 sticks with the best improvement for the dollar. Mobo manual says it support 1Gb per slot (4 slots, max 4Gb) with DDR400, DDR33, DDR266.


Can this mobo set timings properly to take advantage of the advertised latency setings of faster RAM (eg. Corsair XMS etc)? If not, should I just go with slower and cheaper Corsair Value RAM?


Also, should I go with DDR400/PC3200 or PC3500 or ?


Many Thanks for your help,


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Well, after getting no help at The House Of Help, I have managed to find out that <CTRL><F1> provides me with the extra BIOS fields to enter the RAM timing settings ... except for Command Rate.


I've also found that although the mobo manual says the DRAM can be set to +0.1v, +0.2v or +0.3v, the only choices in the BIOS are +0.1v and +0.2v. I believe the 'normal' setting is 0.5v so this gives me a maximum of only 0.7v.


In the future, I may get better air cooling and overclock, but for now I just want to get a performance boost by replacing the current dual channel 2 x 512mb SMART DDR333 RAM with 2 x 1gb DDR400 RAM.


When running FSB at stock 200mhz, is there any advantage to using PC3500 (or higher) instead of PC3200? If PC3500 RAM has timings of say 2-3-2-6 at 438mhz (FSB set at 219mhz) with 2.75v, does it run at the same timings with the FSB at stock 200mhz? Will it need less than 2.75v on the slower FSB setting? :confused:


Also, if Corsair ValueSelect PC3200 (2 x 1gb) has timings of 3-3-3-8 at 200mhz FSB, and Corsair Twinx2048-3200 (2 x 1gb) is 3-4-4-8 at 200mhz FSB, how is the Twinx faster? :confused:


Can someone in The House Of Help help me please?

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