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HI there,

I recently read that on the ASUS P5B deluxe Wi-Fi boards they force some settings on the Ram even if you have it to set by SPD.

I would like to set my memory up manually but there are 10 different settings and I can only find 5 bits of info and one I have no clue where to input it.

Can anyone please help me with the correct bios settings for VS512MB533D2

And is this memory even good for this motherboard?



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Give this a try.


  • Memory Remap Feature = Disabled

  • Configure DRAM Timings by SPD = Disabled

  • Vdimm - 2.1v

  • CAS latency (CL) - 4

  • RAS to CAS delay (tRCD) - 4

  • RAS precharge (tRP) - 4

  • Activate to Precharge - 12

  • Write Recovery time - 6

  • DRAM Trfc - 42

  • DRAM Act to Act Delay Trrd - 11

  • Rank Write to Read Delay - 11

  • Read to Precharge Delay - 10

  • Write to Precharge Delay - 10

  • Static Read Control - Auto

This Value Select has a CAS Latency of 4. There are no specifications except for CAS Latency so I would try the above settings and use Memtest from http://www.memtest.org to test for stability.


If it is not stable then begin to loosen the timings ie:


4-4-5-12, 4-5-5-12, 4-5-5-15, etc until you find stability. As long as you are not overclocking, that DRAM is fine. If you are going to overclock that board and CPU, and I personally would, then I would go for Corsair 6400C4 which will allow you to make a 400Mhz FSB. With that CPU, that will give you 2.8Ghz easily. I doubt you would even have to raise the voltages for that nice little overclock of 1000Mhz :)

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Hey there, thanks for the advice. The reason I am asking is because Win XP runs fine on my board but I have tried installing VISTA RC2 and have had issues big time. RC 2 runs fine on my other system though. I am wondering if its memory as I am not doing RAID or anything "funny"
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I have run Memtest for over 13 hours and the memory seems to check out fine.

I also ran a CPU stress test for a number of hours yesterday and that checked out fine too. So does it look like my problem might be a programming thing in Vista?

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Vista is not yet released to the public, and there will be issues for quite some time. Remember all the issues with Windows XP when it was first released? It was finally matured at Service Pack 2 release.


I personally will not transition to Vista until at least a Service Pack or a year since Vista may have a new method of updating rather than XP's hotfix/service pack method.


I am testing Vista on a few boxes but none of my machines that are system integral will be transitioned for quite some time.


Some hardware will work, some software will work, others won't and I forsee this to become far larger an issue when Vista hits the retail distribution sector.

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