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8500c5D P5N32-e issues


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i have recently bought a new pair of 8500C5D's... when they were installed by the tech both ran fine on the mobo, although i was having issues with my 8800gtx.... so after i manipulated the bios for that to work it seems now that i can only get one of my 8500's working in the 3rd Dimm slot from the left. when both are installed i get a long continuous beep. i have tried amping the mem volts to 2.2v although it is unsuccessful, and with only one chip installed makes my PC lockup, it is more stable on 2.1v atm from testing.

guru which settings do i have to enter manually for both dominator's to work once again. (note: all specs same except upgraded dominator ram)

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Hey all, I'm the guy that built physx's machine and I have it with me now to try and get this all squared away.


The last thing physx did was flash to 0702 bios.


I can get the machine to post and boot with the ram in b1 & b2, but obviously it's not dual channel, and running prime on boot (not from within the OS) it soon locks up.


All the timings are set to 5, 5, 5, 15, 2T 2.2v as recommended.


Is there any worth in me trying to up the voltage to say 2.3 or 2.4 (and is this within warranty?).


I had things working for a time at 0602 so should I maybe try that again to see if it resolves the issue?


Any help would be great.

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Yes, I use the Ultimate Boot CD and run the memtest from that. There are 2 versions on there and I've run both with the same result. I had to head out of the office today, so I will try out disabling the Legacy USB when I get back.


I'll also try 1 by 1.


Hopefully that's all there is to it.


Is it true that any 2 slots will operate in dual-channel mode? That being the case it might be easier to carry on using the 2 slots that do work and not worry about chasing down an RA (as the shop I bought from is on the other side of the country).


Does Corsair offer warranty with +/- 5% on the recommended 2.2v?


And I'm using the 2x4 pin power option on the board rather than the single 4pin as I assumed this would allow more power through to the board. Should I change back to single 4 pin?

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