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small cabling problem with DFI motherboard


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I installed an HX620 supply the other day and ran into a problem with the DFI Lanparty Expert board. This motherboard require a floppy power connection near the I/O panel, and when connected, the only other floppy power connector in the cabling kit cannot reach the 3.5" device bay -> no power for the floppy.


I'd recommend splitting the floppy power connectors out on separate extension cables to address this situation. I believe most DFI motherboards use a similar power scheme, but I don't know if the location of the floppy connector on the other boards also causes problems.


As it is, the only solution is to buy an aftermarket power splitter cable. It works, but it looks kinda tacky against all the nice black cabling of the HX620. :[pouts:


Great supply btw.

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I am sorry about that but I am not sure there would be an easy answer, but I will ask Power Guy to check into that and see if there is anything that can done in the future. But I think we felt that Floppies are almost a thing of the past and many systems do not have one any more is the reason we did not put a lot of effort/expense into the floppy connectors.
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